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2017 Participating artists 


Janine  Nobes
Janine Nobes
Ivan  Filsell
Ivan Filsell
Ying  Tang
Ying Tang
Sharon  Maher
Sharon Maher
Liz  Oberstar
Liz Oberstar
Bev  Hardidge
Bev Hardidge
Rena  Kelly
Rena Kelly
Ilse  Matthews
Ilse Matthews
Colleen  Lewis
Colleen Lewis
David   Vella
David Vella
Linda  Pearson
Linda Pearson
Helen  Beasy
Helen Beasy
Christen Jo  Stone
Christen Jo Stone
Frances  Phelan
Frances Phelan
Joanne  Pearcy
Joanne Pearcy
Christine   Dimmock
Christine Dimmock
Mary  Gilmour
Mary Gilmour
Christine   Kay
Christine Kay
Sue   Jarvis
Sue Jarvis
Ruchi  Singh
Ruchi Singh
Wendy  Wright
Wendy Wright
Kaye  McRae
Kaye McRae
The late Elisabeth  Bolli
The late Elisabeth Bolli
Peter  Douglas
Peter Douglas
Lee   Kidwell
Lee Kidwell
Jo   Knoll
Jo Knoll
Marianne  Schlager
Marianne Schlager
Margaret   Houston
Margaret Houston
Chris  Hermans
Chris Hermans
Tahlia  Hayes
Tahlia Hayes
Janet  Hayes
Janet Hayes
Anne  Gibson
Anne Gibson
Nola  Cameron
Nola Cameron
Anthea  Forbes
Anthea Forbes
Kate  Bills
Kate Bills
Nicole  Donegan
Nicole Donegan
Katherine  Reynolds
Katherine Reynolds
Bill  Grund
Bill Grund
Margaret  Carey
Margaret Carey
Louis  Sauzier
Louis Sauzier
Sophie  Fothergill
Sophie Fothergill
Neilma  McMillan
Neilma McMillan
Karen  Neal
Karen Neal
Pamela  Gordon
Pamela Gordon
Ian   Whitford
Ian Whitford
Glenda  Tjepkema
Glenda Tjepkema
Teresa  Luttrel
Teresa Luttrel
John  Sharp
John Sharp
Christopher  Grikscheit
Christopher Grikscheit
Peter  Allen
Peter Allen
Cynthia  Jenkins
Cynthia Jenkins
Di  King
Di King
Geoff  Sargeant
Geoff Sargeant
Tessa  Hubble
Tessa Hubble
Aleida  Wright
Aleida Wright
Asha  Billing
Asha Billing
Lynette  Orzlowski
Lynette Orzlowski
Edward   Mitford
Edward Mitford
Glenys   Hodgeman
Glenys Hodgeman
Denise  Smith
Denise Smith
Jenny  Tetlow
Jenny Tetlow
Helen  Mann
Helen Mann
Greg  Carrick
Greg Carrick
Gay  Chatfield
Gay Chatfield
Rizal  Hadi
Rizal Hadi
Cathie  Berry
Cathie Berry
Hsin  Lin
Hsin Lin
Darren  Gilbert
Darren Gilbert
Judith  Haviland
Judith Haviland
Jeffrey  Murphy
Jeffrey Murphy
Christine  Mullen
Christine Mullen
Jeff  Gilmour
Jeff Gilmour
Faye  DePasquale
Faye DePasquale
Julie  Bird
Julie Bird
Patricia  Cullen
Patricia Cullen
Mim   Kocher
Mim Kocher
Elizabeth   Haigh
Elizabeth Haigh
Louise  Foletta
Louise Foletta
Noel  Nicolson
Noel Nicolson
Susan  Robertson
Susan Robertson
Karen   Fothergill
Karen Fothergill
Aileen  Stinten
Aileen Stinten
Iva  Day
Iva Day
John  Whitelaw
John Whitelaw
Marie   Dillon
Marie Dillon
Jane  Howat
Jane Howat
James  Kidwell
James Kidwell
Junie   Baker
Junie Baker
Sara  Callow
Sara Callow
Kate  Collins
Kate Collins
Riley  Hewet
Riley Hewet
Kate  Hudson
Kate Hudson
Christine   Cafarella-Pearce
Christine Cafarella-Pearce
Liz  Clarkson
Liz Clarkson
Fabio  Panarese
Fabio Panarese
Jerry  Osadczuk
Jerry Osadczuk
The Late Joseph  Drich
The Late Joseph Drich
John   Nobes
John Nobes
Laura  Bowering
Laura Bowering
Nadine  Dudek
Nadine Dudek
Libby  Fordham
Libby Fordham
Grace  Turner
Grace Turner
Ellen  Wright
Ellen Wright
Julie  Ricketts
Julie Ricketts
Christine   Lacreole
Christine Lacreole
Robyn  Henchel
Robyn Henchel
Glenys  Hodgeman
Glenys Hodgeman
Judy  Anderson
Judy Anderson
Nola   Simpson
Nola Simpson
John   VanderWerf
John VanderWerf
Carolyn  Kelmar
Carolyn Kelmar
Jenny  Reddin
Jenny Reddin
It Hao  Pheh
It Hao Pheh
Christina  Bolli
Christina Bolli
Jill  Coulsell
Jill Coulsell
Susan  Czermak
Susan Czermak
Margaret   Lambert
Margaret Lambert
Malcolm   Calder
Malcolm Calder
Jesse  Graham
Jesse Graham
Season  Heise
Season Heise
Rose   Chandler
Rose Chandler
Barry Claude   Silvester
Barry Claude Silvester
Eva  Vaserfal
Eva Vaserfal
Sue  Sayle
Sue Sayle
Joan  Walker
Joan Walker


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